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    Fluid Power System Project Management
    Design, Build, Implement, Install and Maintain

Case Studies / Projects

Power Station

Using digital monitoring equipment we designed a predictive maintenance program to monitor the working efficiency of closed loop control valves. The objective was to reduce the failure rate when the units were removed for servicing as part of their preventative maintenance program.

The customer’s preventative maintenance was not suitable for the units as failure during commissioning was high. The engineering team met with the power station to discuss their requirements and the present maintenance procedures. The previous program was to remove each unit, refurbish and refit back into the system every 4 years; the units would then be tested when the power station was re-commissioned. Unfortunately there was a very high failure rate and extended delays. A new unit was sent to our workshop where we examined and engineered a control and monitoring circuit. A program of work was then proposed, where we would remove the valves and transport the units to Swansea where each unit would be powered and monitored. If the efficiency of the unit is within acceptable tolerances they were packed and sent back to be reinstated for another 4 years, failed units were stripped refurbished & retested before sending back.

All tests were recorded and actual data supplied as part of the certificate and report. As the time schedules were very tight, the above project proved to be a success.