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    Fluid Power System Project Management
    Design, Build, Implement, Install and Maintain

Case Studies / Projects

Local Steel Mill

Customer satisfaction is SIRUS Fluid Power’s competitive edge. The maintenance and diagnostic team were asked to demonstrate their expertise by a local steel mill. The customer had failed to resolve a reoccurring intermittent hydraulic problem on the exit coil tilter. Following a meeting with the engineering manager we proposed to monitor the unit when the problem occurred and also look at the background of the system design.

The coil lift cylinder would drop away when removing the coil. This problem had been within the circuit around 8 years. Given the background and the number of years the problem had been inherent. We proposed that our time would only be charged if we were successful in identifying and remedying the circuit. Failure to identify and remedy would result in no cost to the customer.

After a few visits where we viewed the system, installed digital data logging equipment and analysed the results we were confident in remedying the system during the next 12hour planned maintenance day.

During the down period we removed various components from the system for inspection changed valves and made some minor pilot flow amendments. Since then the coiler tilt has never failed.