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    Service and Maintenance Management
    Success, Efficiency, Cost Reduction and System Reliability

Predictive Maintenance & Service Contracts

Hydraulic predictive maintenance and service contractsSIRUS Fluid Power is unique in that we make reducing your costs one of our top service goals. View our case study and projects section, highlighting our diagnostic and monitoring capabilities, and their successful outcomes.

We also champion “Predictive Maintenance“ which ensures customers can plan future maintenance costs and plan for maintenance. This employs the same successful monitoring and diagnostic skills to forecast as well as problem solve immediately.

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Our Service Contracts further enhance the reduction in costs and reduce down time, and includes regular equipment inspection and planned maintenance schedules.

Hydraulic predictive maintenance and service contractsPneumatic and hydraulic actuators - design and manufacture bespoke cylinders to meet requirements, Refurbish - honing the tube and re-chrome the rod - pressure and pulsate testing available.

Pumps and motor - we can manage all pumps from the basic fixed displacement to the more advanced servo controlled models.

Pressure and directional control valves - we have the capability of testing ctop 3 to 32 directional valves and any pressure regulating valve, proportional and servo control.

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Download our 'Prevent Care Programme' (PDF)